Now that you’ve made that first step in seeking coverage, Etiqa is here to provide assistance in moving forward. Have a look through our carefully planned and specialised Takaful products.
Search for a general policy which covers your belongings while also adhering to Shariah principles.
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Unfortunate incidents may occur, and if they should, wouldn’t you like to know that you and your family are well taken care of by a Shariah-compliant policy?
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A myriad of Shariah-compliant plans to cover your needs.
Personal Takaful
Corporate Takaful
Forget the hassle, queues and forms. Renew your motor insurance from the comfort of your own home.
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The Shariah Committee is responsible for regulating and overseeing our Takaful policies to ensure that they are in accordance to the Shariah.
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Here you will find your corporate solutions. Click here for a breakthrough to Group Business & Medical.
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i-BR1M is a Takaful plan that provide protection for household and family of the BR1M recepient.
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A glossary of Takaful-related terms.
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