Enriching lives for life

From your first job to marriage, right up to parenthood and retirement, we know that you have dreams and aspirations through each stage in life.

Enrich Life Plan allows you great versatility to plan for your insurance needs and that of your loved ones. This life insurance plan offers a range of the best riders to choose for your lifestyle, today and tomorrow.

Key Benefits

Insurance Coverage

A lump sum of the basic sum insured will be paid in the event of death, or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

Medical Coverage

Get access to a wide range of medical benefits in the event you are faced with a condition that requires hospitalisation. All you need to do is attach the Ultra Medic Rider to your basic policy.

Female Illness Coverage

You can attach the Female Illness Rider to enhance your coverage with female related illness, recovery benefit, and an option to add-on a Maternity Rider.

Critical Illness Coverage

You can attach the Premier Critical Illness Rider to enhance your coverage. You will be paid a lump sum of the rider sum insured if you are diagnosed with any of the listed 36 types of critical illness.

Enhance Your Coverage

You have the flexibility to boost your cover from a wide range of riders that can be attached to your basic policy.

A term life insurance for life's unpleasant surprises.

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List of Rider

1) Premier Critical Illness Rider
2) Ultra Medic Rider
3) Level Term Rider
4) TPD for Level Term Rider
5) Hospital Income Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
6) Accident Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
7) Accidental Indemnity Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
8) Accidental Extra TPD Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
9) Accidental Medic Rider (Duplication from Elitelink Rider)
10) Junior Critical Illness Rider
11) Female Illness Rider
12) Maternity Rider
13) Waiver of Premium due to Critical Illness Rider
1) Elite Payor Waiver of Premium Upon Death, TPD and Critical Illness (Juvenile)
2) Elite Payor Waiver of Premium Upon Death, TPD and Critical Illness (Spouse)


Life Insured

Aged between 14 days to 55 years

Policy Owner

Min. age of 17 year old and no max. age

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