Frequently asked questions

e-Payment or Auto Credit is a mode of payment that allows Etiqa to credit refunds of premium/ contribution, benefit/ surrender payment, surplus distribution, and/or claim payments to your bank account electronically.
  • Faster: Funds are available once the payment has been processed by the bank.
  • Safer: Misplaced, lost, fraud or expired cheque will no longer be an issue.
  • Convenient: Removes the need to travel and deposit the cheque at the bank.
No, you can enjoy the service free of charge.
1. Please indicate your bank name and current / savings account number during:
  • New policy / certificate submission
  • Claim/ Benefit / Surrender submission
  • Endorsement / Alteration / Request for Change submission


2. As and when is needed, please submit the following for validation purpose:
  • Copy of the bank statement, bank account passbook or details of your account printed from your bank’s website.

Alternatively, you can also call Etiqa Oneline at 1300 13 8888 to find out more. 

Important: Please ensure that the name and identification number (MyKad/ Old IC/ Army/ Police/ Passport/ Business Registration No.) provided to us is the same as the one used to open your bank account.
You can assign any one of your existing active current/ savings account held under your name for e-Payment. 

The current/ savings account must be maintained with one of the financial institutions offering MEPS Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) service. You may refer to the following website for latest list of IBG members
Payment will be made electronically into your bank account by Etiqa within 5 working days once your payment has been approved.
If funds cannot be credited into your bank account due to various reasons such as; incorrect bank account number, closed, inactive bank account or mismatch of identification number, a cheque will be issued to you instead

However, this will lead to unnecessary delay in payment process. To avoid this, please ensure that your bank account details are correct and bank account is active when providing the information to Etiqa. 

Also, do ensure that the name and identification number provided to us is the same as the one used to open your bank account.
Yes, a notification letter will be provided to you once your payment has been approved or credited to your account. 

You are also encouraged to provide your email address and mobile phone number for future notification via email or SMS.
Your bank account details and other related information: 
  • Will be used solely for the purpose of enabling payments to be credited directly into your savings/ current account; and
  • Is protected and strictly prohibits the disclosure of such information to any person unless customer or his personal representative has given written permission.
Yes, you may change your bank account information by submitting the Endorsement/ Alteration/ Request for Change form with the required supporting document substantiating your request to Etiqa. No cost will be charged for this purpose.
Yes, you will need to indicate your bank account details at the point of submitting your form.
No. However, please update your bank account information with us if there are any changes as per Question 10 above.
It’s important to know that:
  • e-Payment is highly encouraged as it is the most efficient and safest mode of payment.
  • All of our e-Payment transactions are verified by matching your identification number given in policy/ certificate against the identification number used to open your bank account. This tremendously reduces the chances of fraud.

However, in the event you do not wish to receive payments via e-Payment, payments will be made to you via cheque. Please do note that this payment mode will take a longer processing time.
All monies due to a policy/ certificate holder in the event of death will go to the administrators of the policy/ certificate holder’s estate or appointed beneficiaries.