Brand and General Questions

Malaysia National Insurance Berhad and Takaful Nasional Sdn Berhad will be rebranded to Etiqa Insurance Berhad and Etiqa Takaful Berhad, respectively. At this time, the change is targeted for the first half of November 2007.
Mayban Takaful Berhad (MTB) will transfer all its business, assets and liabilities to Takaful Nasional Sdn Berhad thus MTB will also be known as Etiqa Takaful Berhad. This will most likely take place at the end of November 2007.
MLA and MGAB will continue to operate as the insurance providers to the Maybank Bancassurance business. Both companies will continue to use its existing name but will adopt the new Etiqa logo. Under the Merger Masterplan, it is planned that the business, assets and liabilities of MLA & MGAB be transferred to Etiqa Insurance Berhad. This will happen subsequently in the future.
In line with the rebranding, the names of our other buildings will be changed. MNI Twins will be renamed Etiqa Twins whereas Bangunan Dato’ Zainal will be renamed Menara Etiqa. Only Dataran Maybank will remain status quo.
The Etiqa Head Office will continue to be at Dataran Maybank in Bangsar. Etiqa Twins at Jalan Pinang will house an Etiqa Customer Service Centre whilst Menara Etiqa at Jalan Melaka will house another Etiqa Customer Service Centre as well as the Agents’ Training Department.
Plans are in place to launch the new brand on 15 November 2007.
A brand audit was conducted when the merger first took place. During the audit, we were pleasantly surprised to find that each individual company had its own strengths and its own individual values. With this, there were also several different cultures. In order to unite all these, to personify our combined strength and values, research has shown that the coming together as one brand will make us stronger.
One brand name will allow us to structure our business focus more efficiently and effectively, building one master brand which is Etiqa.
The two legal entities, MNI & TN will be renamed as Etiqa Insurance Berhad and Etiqa Takaful Berhad. Etiqa Insurance Berhad will handle all conventional insurance whereas Etiqa Takaful will manage all takaful products and services.
The name Etiqa was arrived at after much deliberation, many brainstorming sessions and a brand name competition. The name Etiqa is inspired by the English word "ethics" and the Malay word "etik". When creating what our new brand should stand for, we arrived at the Brand Attributes ie,performing with conscience, working hand-in-hand, being crystal clear in all that we do and bringing a rock solid reputation. This is the character of our brand which is conveyed through the name Etiqa.
Etiqa is a joint venture between Malaysia's largest local bank, Maybank and Fortis International NV, a leading European financial services company with 70% & 30% equity respectively. Maybank in turn is part of the Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) Group. The staff force of the company very much reflects the racial index of Malaysia.
The attributes are traits and values that guides us to live up to our brand promise of "humanizing insurance"

Our Brand Attributes are: Hand in Hand, Performance with Conscience, Rock Solid and Crystal Clear.

Our Brand Personalities are: Generous, Inclusive, Genuine, Creative and Dynamic
Yes, we are still very much part of Maybank under the Insurance & Takaful sector. We are still very much a takaful and conventional insurance provider and our products will still be sold through Maybank.

Product Related Questions

There will be no changes to existing policies. All terms and conditions remain unchanged.
There will be no change to premiums for all existing policies. All terms and conditions remain unchanged.
There will be no change to benefits / entitlements for all existing policies. All terms and conditions remain unchanged.
Existing general insurance policy holders will receive new policy with new logo only upon renewal. Life policies bearing either MNI, TN, MTB or MLA logo is still valid.
Existing products will still remain with minor changes to the product name as this is necessary to reflect the new brand.
Existing agent contacts will still be applicable. Our new hotline number is known as Etiqa Oneline, for both Insurance and Takaful. The number is: 1300-13-8888
In order to live up to the Brand Promise and attributes, improving our services is a top priority moving forward.

One key highlight is the removal of the IVR system. Callers will be talking to our dedicated staff rather then a machine giving options of pressing 1 or 2 for help and directory listing.

To keep close tabs on the status of your general claim, call our dedicated Claims Assist at 1300 88 1007 for all general Insurance & Takaful related issues. For any questions you may have on your policies and claims for life policies, our unified contact centre, Etiqa Oneline 1300 13 8888 will clear the clouds harboring over you.

Stalled car in the middle of the road in the middle of the night? The unified Auto Assist 1800 80 6491 is just a click away. Remember to save this number!

Other improvements are: plans to speed up the RM 1000 funeral assistance within 24 hours for life policies; 48 hours approval for all motor claims below RM 5000. There are more that are being worked on.
Insurance & Takaful products are available via commercial channels ie Agents, Branches, Customer Service Centres, Maybank branches, ATM machines, and Etiqa Oneline (different products are available through different commercial channels)
Takaful products will still maintain its Islamic Principles. The Shariah Committee will continue to ensure that the values of Takaful products are maintained.
In line with our brand attributes, few key changes will take place in terms of claims processes.

We have a dedicated Claims Assist number for all general insurance claims related matters: 1300 88 1007.

Other improvements are: For Non-Life claims below RM2,000: call our Claims Assist line to settle your claim over the phone, without documentation.

For motor repair claims below RM5,000: report to our panel of repairers with full documentation, and we will authorize repairs within 2 working days of your report. The repairs to your vehicle will be completed in no more than 12 working days.

For stolen vehicle claims: report to us with all relevant documentation and information, and we will settle your claim within 20 working days.

For Personal Accident claims: upon receiving full documentation and information, we will settle your claim within 5 working days.
In line with the efforts to build one Brand, the different customer hotline numbers for the different entities will be unified into one number. Our new hotline number is known as Etiqa Oneline, for both Insurance and Takaful. The number is: 1300 13 8888

Etiqa Oneline will handle customer enquiries as well as life policy related claims.
In line with the efforts to build one Brand, the different Auto Assist numbers will be unified into one number. The auto assist number for both Insurance and Takaful is 1300 88 6491.
Reflecting the attribute Hand in Hand, Agents have a dedicated line to reach us at 03-2780 4688.
As sales representative for Bancassurance, providing a dedicated number provides greater assistance and convenience to the Maybank Financial Executives. The FE’s number to reach us is 03-2718 5555.
4 branches will be integrated to serve both Insurance and Takaful customer - Subang Jaya, Etiqa Twins, Menara Etiqa and Dataran Maybank effective mid November 2007. Other branches will be able to serve both Insurance and Takaful within the 1st year after the launch. Therefore, for the time being, Takaful Nasional branches will be dedicated to serve Etiqa Takaful Berhad customers whereas MNI branches will focus on Etiqa Insurance Berhad customers. Meanwhile, MLA & MGAB products will continue to be sold at all Maybank branches.
An extensive communication plan is underway to keep all our policy holders and agents informed of the name change. This is scheduled to begin with the launch in mid-November. Furthermore, an extensive advertising campaign will communicate our new brand name and brand attributes to all our customers and the public in general.
Yes, all takaful certificates issued under Etiqa Takaful Berhad are Shariah Compliant as our insurance and takaful entities are separate. All takaful products are approved by Shariah Committee and Bank Negara Malaysia.