Today's woman
In tomorrow's world.

Femina Special is our solution for women with an intuitive understanding of life’s challenges
for herself, and her family. You’ll enjoy Personal Accident and female-related coverage
benefits in one comprehensive plan. 

Key Benefits

Female Cancer Coverage

You will be compensated up to RM20,000 if you are diagnosed with a female cancer.

Snatch Theft Coverage

You will be compensated up to RM1,000 in the event of losing your personal belongings to snatch theft

Kidnap and Abduction

You will be compensated up to RM30,000 for expenses incurred in the event of a kidnapping, or abduction.

Family Prosperity Bonus for Twins

Benefit one time only in the blessed event of the birth of twins or more by natural birth or caesarean section.

Benefits you will receive from your Personal Accident Coverage:

You will be paid an amount in cash for the following benefits due to an accident.

  • Accidental Death 
  • Total and Permanent Disability 
  • Compassionate Cash 
  • Facial Reconstructive Surgery or Dental Treatment 
  • Death due to Maternity Complication 
  • Hospital Confinement Allowance 
  • Medical Expenses 
  • Skin Grafting


Person Covered

Aged between 18 to 60 years old

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