Be with us to prepare for your spiritual needs

The search for peacefulness is more than an aspiration; it is a way of Life. Enhance your path with a savings, and coverage plan that understands your desire for a harmonious well-being, as you embark on your journey to fulfil one of the five pillars of Islam. With Etiqa Marbur, you are one step closer to performing Hajj, to be the guest of God at least once in your lifetime.

Key Benefits

Savings For Your Hajj and Umrah

Enjoy a total cash payment of up to 123% of the basic sum covered, payable directly to your Tabung Haji account starting from the end of the 3rd certificate year.

Takaful Coverage

A lump sum of the basic sum covered plus accumulated value in Participant Investment Fund (if any) will be paid in the event of death, or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). Upon death of the person covered, due to accident causes whilst performing Hajj or Umrah at Makkah or Madinah, a double of the sum covered amount is payable.

Maturity Benefit

You will be paid a lump sum of the accumulated value in the Participant Investment Fund (if any) when your certificate matures.

Tabung Haji Account Setup

We provide assistance in opening Tabung Haji account and Hajj registration.

List of Rider

1) Waiver of Contribution for Critical Illness Rider (Payor)
2) Waiver of Contribution for Death and TPD Rider (Payor)
1) Ultra Medic Rider
2) Regular Top-up Rider
3) Hospital Cash Benefit


Person Covered

Aged 14 days to 55 years


Aged a minimum of 19 years, with no maximum age

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