Smart investment.
Huge rewards

We all have passions and dreams that we want to fulfill. Whether you aspire to open a restaurant,
travel around the world, or try a new business opportunity, Triple Growth’s short-term commitment plan
helps your savings work harder to maximise your yearly returns.

Key Benefits

Benefits you will receive:

Short Premium Payment Term
Venture into a payment term of 6 years to boost your savings and maximise returns while you reap the benefits straight up to a 20-year tenure. 

Guaranteed Interim Cash Payment (ICP)
Enjoy up to 9% of the basic sum insured, starting from the end of the 1st policy year. At the end of the policy term, you could receive a total Guaranteed Interim Cash Payment up to 126% of the basic sum insured. You can choose to receive your cash payments, or accumulate the cash payments for future use. 

Insurance Coverage
You will be paid a lump sum in the event of death, or total and permanent disability. 

Maturity Benefit
You will be paid a lump sum when your policy matures, minus any prior claims made for death, or total and permanent disability.


Life Insured

Aged between 14 days to 60 years

Policy Owner

Aged a minimum of 19 years, with no maximum age

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