Insure your lifestyle for today and tomorrow

Life is full of uncertainties. One minute, you’re enjoying a successful life. The next, your lifestyle changes dramatically due to financial strain caused by economic conditions, illness,or accidents. That’s why it makes perfect sense to go with Triple Lifestyle Protector - a plan that provides a lifetime of financial protection to secure your future.

Key Benefits

Guaranteed Cash Payout

You will receive cash payout of 15% of the basic sum insured every 3 years beginning from the end of the 5th policy year. You can choose to receive your cash payments, or accumulate the cash payments for future use.

Insurance Coverage

A lump sum of the basic sum insured plus accumulated cash payment (if any) will be paid in the event of death, or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

Maturity Benefit

You will be paid a lump sum of the basic sum insured plus accumulated cash payment (if any) when your policy matures.

List of Rider

1) Accident Indemnity Rider
2) Personal Accident Rider
3) Premier Critical Illness Rider
4) Waiver of Premium on Critical Illness Rider
5) Level Term Rider
6) TPD for Level Term Rider
7) Hospital Cash Benefit
8) Ultra Medic Rider
1) Payor Level Term Rider
2) TPD for Payor Level Term Rider
3) Child Maintenance Benefit
4) Payor Waiver of Premium due to Death, TPD and CI


Life Insured

Aged between 14 days to 55 years

Person Covered

Aged a minimum of 18 years, with no maximum age

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