Get the best healthcare when you need it most

The Takaful Medical Plus lets you rest easy when it comes to getting the healthcare you want. It is a hospital and surgical takaful plan that provides comprehensive medical coverage of UNLIMITED lifetime cover and high annual limit of up to RM1.5 million. Choose from 5 different plans to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

Key Benefits

High Coverage Limit

Unlimited lifetime cover and high annual limit of up to RM1.5 Million.

Cashless Admission

You can be admitted without any payment according to your entitlement.

Etiqa Healthcare App

Our GPS locator pinpoints an Etiqa Panel Hospital nearest to you, facilitates your hospitalisation, and ensures you maximize your medical care entitlement.

List of Rider

1. Harmoni
2. Karisma
3. Mabrur
4. Prisma
5. Prisma+
6. Intelek

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