Get the best healthcare when you need it most

The Ultra Medic Rider (Takaful) lets you rest easy when it comes to getting the healthcare you want. It is a hospital and surgical Takaful plan that provides comprehensive medical coverage of up to RM1,500,000 during your lifetime. Choose from 5 different plans to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Key Benefits

All Medical Costs Fully Paid With Our “No Co-Takaful” Feature

When you're recovering from your treatment, worry should be the last thing on your mind. At Etiqa, we pay for your treatment in full according to the plan you have selected, so you can focus on your recovery without bearing a portion of the treatment cost.

No Claim Bonus

For keeping your health in check, we reward you 5% of the rider's annual contribution, provided there are no claims made in the previous year, starting from the 3rd certificate year onwards.

Medical Second Opinion

We know it can be difficult to seek a second opinion on your medical treatment. We’ll help you find the right one through our panel list, so you’ll get the best medical experts for your diagnosis.

Alternative Medicine Treatment

Seek alternative medical treatments (post-hospitalization) such as a chiropractor, chiropody, homeopathy, osteopathy or acupuncture from our registered medical practitioner.

Cashless Admission Card

Worrying about medical fees when you’re in dire need can be frustrating. Our all-in-one Cashless Admission Card grants you access to the benefits of the plan so that you can check in and be discharged at our panel hospitals hassle-free.

List of Rider

1. Harmoni
2. Karisma
3. Mabrur
4. Prisma
5. Prisma+
6. Intelek


Person Covered

Between the age of 14 days to 65 year old

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