Travel is coming home with memories, not worries

Whether it’s a business trip, or the vacation of a lifetime, we’ve got you covered with our Travel insurance plan. Choose from 4 plans, and a variety of benefits for a single traveller, or the entire family!
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Key Benefits

24-hour Travel, and Medical Assistance Services

Over 400,000 service providers in 40 languages with global hotline number at 03-21610270.

Family Coverage

Travel types that include full coverage for your spouse, and children.

Medical Coverage

We cover hospitalisation, treatment expenses, compassionate care benefit, local doctor appointments, and more. Depending on your selected plan, coverage is up to RM1million.

Travel Inconveniences

From last-minute trip cancellations, delays, lost baggage, visa, passport, or travel tickets, we compensate the expenses for your travelling mishaps, and troubles.

Insurance Coverage

You will be covered up to RM500,000 per adult, and RM1.5million for family in the event of death, or  total and permanent disability due to an accidents, depending on selected plan.

Terrorism Coverage

You will be covered for injuries, death or total and permanent disability, losses, or damage from acts of terrorism as long as you have no direct, or indirect participation.

With the Etiqa travel plan, get ready to drop your worries and enjoy the memories.

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Life Insured

Aged 45 days to 80 years

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