All parents want their children to have a head start in their life and their future careers, there's no better head start than a great education. However, tertiary education anywhere around the world is very costly, and continues to escalate. Etiqa Madani is a takaful education plan that helps to protect and ease the burden of education costs with the following Fast & Easy offerings:

Key Benefits

Education Cash Payouts
Cash payouts of 10% of the covered amount will be payable twice (2) prior to maturity.
Education Celebration Payout
A RM500 cash payout will be paid when your child completes either:
  1. Primary school / equivalent; OR
  2. Secondary school / equivalent.
Maturity Payout(s)
At the end of the certificate term, the following benefit(s) will be payable:
  1. Cash payouts of 130% of the covered amount; AND
  2. Potential cumulative investment cash payouts.
Multiple Contribution Payment Term Options
Flexibility to choose plans with payment terms of 8, 15 or 20 years.
Multiple Maturity Age Options
Flexibility to choose plans with maturity age of 15, 21 or 25 years old.
Death and TPD Coverage
Payout for death or total and permanent disability (TPD).

List of Riders

  1. Takaful Medical Plus
  2. Hospital Cash Benefit
  3. Critical Illness
  4. Regular Top-up
  5. Payor Waiver of Contribution for Critical Illness
  6. Payor Waiver of Contribution for Death & TPD


Underwritten by Etiqa Family Takaful Berhad (199301011506)
(Licensed under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia)