Etiqa Risk Advice & Protect (eRAP)

Etiqa Risk Advice and Protect (eRAP) provides analyzing, assessing, preventing, reducing, and controlling risk exposures services that business operations of a company may encounter. This will enable companies to have a better understanding of their risks before deciding on coverage that is suitable for protecting their business operations.


These services are provided by Etiqa’s in-house Risk Engineers and Risk Advisors, while third-party specialized services that are technical in nature will be recommended in accordance to the requirements of the assessed risks. 


Risk Engineers & Risk Advisors

Etiqa’s Technical & Risk Management Services (TRMS) department are made up of Risk Engineers qualified in different fields of engineering, while our Risk Advisors comprise of selected personnel from various business units that are skilled in providing general insurance product consultation, and who have been trained by Etiqa’s own TRMS department with the technical know-how in providing sound risk advice. 

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Target Market

Currently, the Risk Advice and Protect (RAP) services are offered to Etiqa’s existing clients. However, companies that are seeking risk mitigation services or alternative advice in industries such as, manufacturing, power plants, oil & gas, aviation, marine, construction, telecommunication, agriculture as well as any business operations that are exposed to potential operational risks, can greatly benefit from the service that Etiqa has to offer.



RAP services will be conducted by Etiqa’s Risk Engineers & Risk Advisors (and/or by third parties where necessary) at the respective client’s business operations. Any risk assessment report requested will be subjected to terms and conditions.

Risk Advice & Protect Services

Risk Control Consultation
  • Evaluation of risk exposures and safety procedures
  • Perform loss control surveys of property & risk control measures
  • Advise clients on best practices in risk mitigation and safety management strategies
Perils Exposure Consultation
  • Fire Insurance perils identification
  • To advise best suited perils for the insurable property or assets
Lightning Protection Consultation
  • Lightning protection assessment (Klang Valley only)
  • Site evaluation by lightning protection consultants

Infrared Thermography Survey
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Electrical survey – on the thermal projection of electrical systems
  • Mechanical survey – on thermal projection of mechanical systems
  • Structural survey – identifying heat projected structures
  • Site evaluation by licensed Infrared Thermography consultants
Fire Protection Systems Workshop
  • Identify fire protection systems available
  • Review function and operation of the fire protection systems available
  • Identify deficiencies if any
  • Maintenance, inspection and testing as per industry best practices
Fire Fighting Familiarization Training
  • Basic principles of fire fighting
  • Basic usage of the fire protection systems available

Etiqa Risk Advice and Protect

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