Investment Linked Insurance and Takaful

SecureLink Insurance

A flexible protection plan with an investment-linked feature.

  • Comprehensive add-ons
  • Continuous cover after TPD
  • Loyalty bonus every 3 years
  • Death & TPD benefit

Hadiyyah Takafulink

The plan that rewards with incremental cash payout that help boost the growth of your savings.

  • Guaranteed approval for coverage up to RM200,000
  • Benefits for Aqiqah, Khatam & Qurban
  • Maturity payout benefit
  • Death & TPD benefit
  • Get cashback when you make no claims

MaxiPro Insurance

A plan that yields more savings.

  • Guaranteed approval
  • Guaranteed annual cash payout
  • Maturity payout benefit
  • Guaranteed insurance charge rates
  • Flexible premium payment and policy terms

Mahabbah Takafulink

The takaful investment plan that helps you ensure the dreams for your loved ones can be achieved even when you are no longer around.

  • Get cashback when you make no claims
  • No medical examination
  • Disability care payout
  • Flexible payment tenures

MegaLink Insurance

The investment-linked plan that secures the lifestyle of your family.

  • Wealth distribution directly to your nominated loved one(s)
  • No medical examination
  • Disability care payout
  • Loyalty bonus units
  • Flexible payment tenures of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, or until you reach age 100

ElitePlus Takafulink

Comprehensive coverage to add colour in your life.

  • Comprehensive Add-ons
  • Continuous Cover benefit
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Death and Disability benefit