Harmoni Takaful

There are aspirations you'd like to achieve - getting a better car, a bigger home and comfortable retirement. But at times, your savings may be needed for life-saving emergencies, putting your aspirations on hold. That's why Harmoni gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to manage your finances, without comprising your takaful coverage.

Key Benefits

Partial Withdrawal Features
You may withdraw some of the money from the Participant Investment Fund should you require it.
Takaful Coverage
A lump sum of the basic sum covered plus accumulated value in the Participant Investment Fund (if any) will be paid in the event of death, or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).
Maturity Benefit
You will be paid a lump sum of the accumulated value in the Participant Investment Fund (if any) when your certificate matures.
Enhance Your Coverage
You have the flexibility to boost your cover from a wide range of riders that can be attached to your basic cover.

List of Rider

  1. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider
  2. Accidental Indemnity Rider
  3. Critical Illness Rider
  4. Waiver of Contribution for Critical Illness Rider
  5. Hospital Cash Benefit Rider
  6. Medic Save Rider (Withdrawn in Oct 2012)
  7. Level Term Rider
  8. Regular Top-up Rider
  9. Ultra Medic Rider

  1. Waiver of Contribution for Critical Illness Rider (Payor)
  2. Waiver of Contribution for Death and TPD Rider
  3. Level Term Rider (Payor)
  4. Family Income Benefit


  • Person Covered
    Aged 14 days to 60 years
  • Participant
    Aged a minimum of 19 years, with no maximum age

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