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No more waiting unknowingly for help when your car breaks down!

Introducing our new auto assistance location tracking service, which is the first in Malaysia by an insurer/takaful operator. It allows you to track the location of the towing assistance team we sent to help you so that you know we are Betol-Betol On the Way To You!

How to track our Auto Assist Team?

Click on the Etiqa Auto Assist Care button from your Etiqa Smile app
Key in and confirm your car details and location
Receive notification of the assigned Auto Assist Team
Track our Auto Assist Team

Other towing assistance channels:

How it works?

Request for our assistance via Etiqa Smile App / QR Code / WhatsApp / Email / Call
Track our auto assist team as we make our way to you
In no time, we’ll be there to help you

24/7 Towing and Breakdown Assistance  

Whether you have a car breakdown in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or Brunei.
Etiqa Auto Assist Care will be there to your rescue – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24-hour Breakdown Assistance
24-hour Breakdown Assistance
  • Jump start & replace your car battery.
  • Replace your tyres.
  • Refill your empty tank.
24-hour Towing Assistance
24-hour Towing Assistance
We will tow your car to the nearest Etiqa Premier Workshop or nearest authorised franchise workshop.
  • First 200KM - FREE
  • Subsequently - RM1.50 per KM (Subscribe to our Oto 360 Add-on to enjoy unlimited towing mileage)
Alternative Travel Assistance
Alternative Travel Assistance
We can help you arrange for a taxi, make hotel reservations or rent a car in case you are stranded or should your car break down or meet with an accident.
Vehicle Repatriation to Malaysia
Vehicle Repatriation to Malaysia
We can help you bring back your car should your car break down or meet with an accident in Singapore, Thailand and Brunei.
Emergency Evacuation Assistance
We can arrange for you to be taken to the hospital if you meet an accident.
Emergency Message Transmission
In case of an accident, we can help you relay your message to your family
Extended Assistance to Family & Friends
Your family and friends can also enjoy the benefits above for a fee. You need to be present when the breakdown occurs.

Just call our 24-hour toll free hotline if you need any assistance.

  • Malaysia 1-800-88-6491
  • Singapore, Thailand & Brunei +603-2296 8600

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