Why do I need Marine Cargo Insurance?

When you are in the import - export business, the transport of your cargo is exposed to certain risks like the following “what if” scenarios:
The container/trailer is stolen?
Goods in the container are stolen?
The trailer is involved in an accident?
These types of losses could range from hundreds to millions of ringgit.

Be covered by the BEST

Marine Cargo Insurance is a protection plan that covers the movement of goods via sea, air, or land - through the use of roads, railways, or inland waterways.
By sharing the risk, your goods are fully protected against any fortuity or loss arising from the risks that are covered under your policy.

Risk Covered

  • Fire & explosion
  • Jettison and washing overboard
  • Sunken, stranded, grounded or capsized vessel or craft
  • Discharge of cargo at port of distress
  • Collision or contact of vessel or craft with any external object other than water
  • Entry of sea, lake, or river water into vessel
  • Piracy
  • General average sacrifice


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